Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue Dress

Anna wearing a dress that was mine when I was a little girl! It's still a little big on her and the elastic is stretched out, but she loved wearing it and I love seeing her in it!

I love her expression in this one.

Trying to show off her freshly painted fingernails!

There we go!

On one foot, of course!

This is exciting stuff! I love this girl so much!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year! Anna made pretty valentines at preschool for her family and teachers.

We gave both the girls a teddy bear when they woke up. Anna brought hers in the car to school.

Anna brought valentines with a flower to her teacher and preschool director.

Eleanor liked her little teddy bear too! She held onto it all day!

Valentine's Dinner! I tried to make a pink dinner- heart shaped pasta with a tomato-alfredo sauce, salad,  pink champagne and pink juice for Anna, and pink petits fores and strawberries for dessert. Well, the sauce came out orange, the champagne wasn't pink, and Anna didn't like the petits fores (What?)! Nevertheless, it was all very yummy and we had fun!

Eleanor at Four Months Old

Eleanor at four months old is such a sweet baby. She is sleeping better and is usually smiling when she is awake. She is very observant of her surroundings and likes to watch her family and pets. She drools quite a bit and likes to have something in her mouth, whether it is her fingers, a pacifier, or a toy. She can hold onto things pretty well now and is good at raising her upper body when she is on her tummy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anna & Eleanor

Anna loves wearing her "tutu that doesn't touch my legs," as she calls it!

Such sweet sisters!

Going for a walk at the lake

They were playing school and Anna said it was nap time. I think Chloe was the teacher!

Anna dancing, Eleanor smiling- that is the norm around our house.

Funny face!


Anna has rediscovered the wand that Aunt Kelly made for her when she was a baby!

Using the counter as a barre, practicing her kicks!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dining by Candlelight

For some reason a week or two ago, I decided it would be fun for us to dine by candlelight. Anna was very excited about this, and Adam had brought me a bouquet of pink flowers for my birthday, so I added a pink runner and some napkins with Anna's monogram left over from my baby shower for her, and put on some classical music.   

It went so well that we did it the next night too. Anna wanted to go for a third, but we decided it might not be as special if we did it every night.

There's just something about a flame that is so entrancing! She especially liked helping to blow out the candles at the end of the meal.

All I can say is, I highly recommend dining by candlelight!

Trip to the Pond

One day a few weekends ago, we went to visit a pond near our house. The path around it has recently been made much nicer and it is now a beautiful place to walk. Anna practiced riding on her big wheel.

While Adam and Anna looked for some ducks to feed, Eleanor and I entertained each other. :-)

I can't get enough of her sweet little face!

I really like this picture of Adam.

Twinkle Toes

Anna had so much fun at her first "Twinkle Toes" ballet class. This included dancing like a bird...

and lots of dancing with ribbons!

Big steps,

big jumps,

and a rest!